Projects & Operations
Sunshine has proven project portfolios for bitumen, carbonate and conventional heavy oil production.

Oilsands Operations and Development

We will achieve first steam at West Ells in 2015 and we expect to move forward on developments at Thickwood and Legend, with additional commercial applications filed in support of our 300,000-barrel-per-day growth plan.

SAGD In Situ Process

Video - June, 2013

As one of the largest independent developers of oil sands leases by land holdings in the Athabasca region, Sunshine is well positioned for success. Alberta's Athabasca region is the most prolific oil sands region in Canada. And Canada's oil sands represent the largest oil resource found in a stable political environment located in the western hemisphere and the third largest oil resource in the world, with 170 billion barrels of recoverable resource. The Canadian oil sands comprise the largest single source of supply of oil imported into the United States.

Sunshine owns and controls 100% of 467,969 hectares of leases (over 1,000,000 acres of leases) and holds approximately 7% of the allocated oil sands lease area in that region. Sunshine holds a premier land position that includes eight primary operational areas and has the expertise to extract significant value from its assets. Its principal operating regions in the Athabasca area are at West Ells, Thickwood, Legend Lake, Harper, Muskwa, Goffer and Portage.


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  • Carbonate Bitumen Formations

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