Sunshine's Portage asset represents approximately 1.5 billion barrels of petroleum initially in place and is a key assets in our "other Clastics" portfolio and over 6 billion barrels of petroleum initially in place of carbonate resource.

Portage Heavy Oil

Sunshine's holdings in the Portage region offer conventional heavy oil production potential and further carbonate opportunities.

Portage region consists of 291 sections, of which 152 sections include bitumen carbonate resource potential with the Upper and Lower Nisku Formation. 

Sunshine’s project area is located within the Athabasca oil sands region between townships 76 and 79 and ranges 17 and 21 west of the fourth meridian. The Nisku zone at Portage is dolomitized and fractured, and has both an intercrystalline and extensive vuggy porosity system making this a highly permeable pay zone with high bitumen saturation. 

This region offers conventional heavy oil production as well as significant carbonate development potential.  The area also benefits from oil and gas development infrastructure in the area, including access to roads, labour, and service in the region.