Corporate HSE Statement

Sunshine is committed to protecting and promoting the safety and wellbeing of our employees, contractors, communities and environment.


Sunshine Oi[sands Ltd. ("Sunshine") will conduct all phases of its operations maintaining the health and safety of its employees and the general public and protecting the environment by adhering to its Health, Safety and Environment Policy.


Managers and Supervisors are responsible for identifying safety need, communicating safety hazards, investigating hazardous conditions and accidents, providing training, supplying or wearing appropriate safety and personal protective equipment, and ensuring all equipment is properly maintained and meets legislated safety standards.

It is the duty and responsibility of each employee, contractor, visitor, agent and affiliate to ensure that each of Sunshine's business activities is carried out in a manner consistent with this Health, Safety and Environment Policy.


We will strive to comply with applicable laws and regulations and adhere to the intent of applicable industry guidelines, practices and procedures. If a situation arises in which it is impossible to comply with the above noted items, we will promptly alert relevant authorities and work with them to establish reasonable alternatives.


We will assess the potential effects of our projects and operations, and plan our activities, to prevent or reduce risks to the health and safety of our workers, the public at large and the environment.


We will consult with relevant stakeholders, including the public and government bodies, to enhance the communication and understanding and to respond to concerns in respect of our activities.


On an ongoing basis, we will monitor our activities to ensure our health, safety and environment programs are functioning effectively, and that our operations are in compliance with our policies, practices and procedures.

Corrective Action

We will take appropriate corrective or mitigative action to promptly and effectively address health, safety and environmental impacts caused by our activities.

Emergency Action

We will respond immediately to emergencies in order to protect the public, our workers and the environment.


We will provide our employees with a clear understanding of their responsibilities by providing training and education appropriate for such responsibilities.


We will examine health, safety and environment as part of our business planning processes, and we will seek continuous improvement in each of these areas.

Other Actions

We will take other steps as may be necessary to ensure compliance with applicable health, safety and environmental laws.


Hong Luo

July 30, 2015